New for 2019…introducing a new payment category for Young Adults 18-24!

Recognizing many Young Adults (18-24) are attending school or just starting their careers, the first 25 Young Adults to register receive the Adult Golfer package for $125, a 50% savings. No tax receipt will be issued with this Young Adult package. Register immediately to guarantee a spot at this tremendous savings as only 25 of these packages are available.

Introduced last year, you have the option of choosing between 2 playing formats. One is our traditional “Open” format where you play your own ball and compete against other open format players for the Macedonian Open winners trophies. The second option is a “Scramble” format where your pick the best shot of your foursome and all players play their next shot from that player’s ball position. The Scramble format foursomes will compete against other scramble foursomes for the Scramble winner trophy. Pick your option and let us know!

All registrations will be on a first come first serve basis to the first 288 participants.

Reservation guaranteed only with advance payment by credit card or cheque.

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